Our Small Business Story

It started one late night in a photo studio.  After over a decade of photographing thousands of women, a photographer realized that today’s wardrobe needed a fix (A-F-Y-X) . After snapping so many photos, she asked herself, what if there was a convertible dress that could be reconfigured into different styles using the snap of a button?

Watch our founder's story on FOX25 News (March 17, 2023)

Unique Patent-Pending Concept

AFYX™ (pronounced “affix”) is the world’s first convertible dress that is controlled by simply rearranging its uniquely placed fasteners. We are a brand created for the modern superhero. Pack just one dress and change your look in an instant! Our patent-pending dresses can convert to up to 10+ styles with the simple snap of a few buttons. On top of that, you can further customize your look by adding our interchangeable patent-pending AFYX™ accessories to create new looks for each and every occasion.  Shhh, it’s not a different dress.  It’s AFYX. 

Evolving with your social schedule

AFYX™ convertible dresses are designed to evolve with spontaneous plans - you'll match the dress code.

Elegant casual? Resort casual? Formal? Just pack one dress for your next trip!

Effortless to style? Check. Raises eyebrows? Check. Accentuates your curves gracefully? Check check. This is a dress you can wear over and over again, YOUR WAY!

Hand Cut Accessories

The majority of our garments and accessories are hand-cut locally at our Boston area headquarters. It is a delicate time consuming process to create your AFYX™ garments, from fabric cutting, sewing, trim/finishing to final packaging ready for shipment.

Small Batch Production

We are a start up with a small staff (bear with us!). Our garments are finished by hand in-house and each and every AFYX™accessory that you purchase from us is hand made by our team here in our Boston area headquarters. We made a commitment to paying fair wages to our laborers.

Raw Edges

Unlike many other brands, AFYX™ garments have raw edges.  Many styles are reversible, so our signature raw edges became a natural design element. Our garments have become known for the strong seams that hold them together.

Eco Friendly & Wrinkle Free Fabrics

It took years to test and select the wrinkle resistant and eco-friendly fabrics used to make our garments. We are proud to have sourced them in the USA.  Our sustainable eco-friendly fabric is produced in NY and our stainless steel AFYX™beads used to make our belts are sourced in the USA.